June 3, 2011
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You see my face
But do you really see?
You see this place
But do you see me?

I'm hiding in the corner;
Hiding in despair.
I'm crying like a mourner;
Crushed beyond repair.

My heart's been rended in two
By a boy with bright blue eyes.
Although he said "I Love You."
And I believed his lies.

So sitting here, I'm crying;
Because my heart is in such pain.
And in consoling me you're lying;
Saying "There's so much more to gain."

I can see that you are lying
Because you will not look at me.
Meanwhile, my heart is dying
Because of what you do not see.

You do not see the days I spent
Waiting for him to notice me
And once he did, he sent
Some love from him to me.

And now it's all over.
Because of what I said.
"I want to be with you forever."
He said, "No. Our love is dead."

I can see now,
That it was a lie.
He didn't want to hurt me.
And now, I know why.

We were much too young,
And I too naive.
But the fat lady has not yet sung
It is not over... I can still Believe.

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