Heart Break

June 3, 2011
I hear it hurts, I hear it's horrendous, I hear it's a nightmare, but I have not felt such pain.
I do not wish to feel this pain because I dream it's a impossible feeling, a nightmare you can't wake up from.
The pain of 1,000 knives piercing through your thoughts and soul waiting for you to slowly crash and die a slow mental death.
Why would I have such thoughts? Because it's always on your mind when your with someone you really truly love, and yet you do trust them that they won't cause you any pain. As you sit alone in a corner as you slowly rot away because heartbreak eats’ you up inside, as it swallow's your memory's, as it stop's your heart and your trapped inside your thoughts you try to wake up and you can't, it's because your already dead.
I would do any such thing to not feel this pain. And as the one who broke your heart tries to say sorry, you know they aren’t sorry because the one who really loves you would never cause you this pain.
You wonder what you did for someone that once said they loved you to just let i go as if you were just dust on there shoulder.
So yes why would I want to feel this pain?

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