Eternal Gray

June 3, 2011
A bright shining light,
An example,
A guide in our darkest nights,
But beware the brighter the light,
The hotter it burns,
It’s Cruel Reality,
Don’t be caught too long in its,
Revealing Rays,
All your sins lay bare,
To the wise judges,
That never lived your life,
But are old and rich,
Filled with Experience,
That bright light,
It burns at my skin,
I peel it away,
And unveil,
Something dark and bubbling,
The Either of the Abyss,
The Acceptance of the Dark,
I flee the uncaring light,
And run into the all-covering Night,
Cover me in your cool embrace,
Sooth my burns,
My criminal passions,
Smother me,
Like a mother would her child,
Light shines,
Its Rays stab,
Like Spears of Unjust Judgments,
Ripping out my heart,
Without my permission,
Is it any wonder?
That I ran,
Into the Loving Blackness,
And didn’t see how it was no kinder,
Only subtler,
I sprinted out of the hateful light,
Into the hungry dark,
Waiting to feast on my pure innocence,
Its tentacles’ pulled on me,
My eyes witness horrors,
I am a lifeless shell,
With no recourse,
My body has no soul,
No sanctums,
No sanctuaries,
Or holy places,
Only another torture chamber,
Another waking Nightmare,
That never ends,
My tears are all dried up,
My Heart withers more and more,
With every tick of the cursed clock,
Hoping for Oblivion,
My veins grow colder each day,
I live in a world of,
Eternal Gray.

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