The Chorus of the World

June 3, 2011
I look at the world,
And see,
The Chorus of Ignorance,
Singing to me,
With eyes closed,
And stapled shut,
Ears stuffed,
Forever deaf,
Their mouths open wide,
Hateful lies,
Chanting their Litanies,
Filled with Fear,
And Dark Despair,
Their words like,
Poisoned Swords,
Reach out and cut,
Their fellow man’s heart,
They Rage at difference,
The strange,
And Unexplainable,
They despise the Mysteries,
The Muses,
Just Plain Prostitutes,
Under their stupid reproachful gaze,
In their closed minds,
They are the masters of their dirty universe,
Where everything is known and everyone is the same,
This Black Satanic Choir,
Never stops,
It only grows stronger,
And stronger never ending,
Open their eyes,
Make them see,
Give them an ounce,
Of sympathy,
Oh God,
And maybe this,
Cold World,
Won’t seem so much,
Like a,
Immortal tragedy.

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