An Angel's Visage

June 3, 2011
Gently I lay you down,
Your Angel like face,
So peaceful in sleep,
Your perfect nose,
Rose Red Lips,
Elfish Ears,
Your Hair,
An Astounding Halo,
I brush my lips against yours,
A Farewell kiss,
My tears fall upon your cheek,
My sobs fill,
This stone cold air,
Your eyes,
That where always filled,
With love and laughter,
Remain Closed,
Your chest,
Still does not rise,
Never again will I hear your soothing words,
Your heart remains still,
It hasn’t beat,
In what feels like an eternity,
You left me,
Your soul has risen,
And gone on a wonderful journey,
I take some small comfort,
In that fact,
But I am left here,
On this desolate world,
My emotions are scattered all around,
My up is down,
You left not by your choice,
But the Fates decree,
I bury your body,
Leaving your shell on this earth to its well deserved rest,
Wait for me at Heaven’s Gates.

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