Home Sweet Home

June 3, 2011
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The empty ghost town
The streets paved with death
Colorful flowers once lead the way
Now gray with anger
Silence is my pain

Every second I wait
Anticipating the nightmare
The hole in my heart to
Swallow me alive
Like a snake eats a mouse
In one bite

Pain in my stomach
Pain in my chest
The pain absorbs my life
My home becomes an unknown planet
The people turn to aliens
And the water runs dry

I walk empty-minded
Kicking rocks in the dry riverbed
Then emotion surrounds me
As if the water suddenly
Came rushing down
And I collapse

My mind is crushed
Under the weight of my thoughts
The air screams my name
And the world freezes

Then instead of grass I see freeways
Instead of stars I see lights and
Instead of home I see horror
Dreading the nights I lay in silence
Counting the seconds until
I can visit “home”

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