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June 3, 2011
By Amber72272 SILVER, Bolingbrook, Illinois
Amber72272 SILVER, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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"You Are What You Say You Are You Do What You Say You Can"

Extra,Extra Read All About It!

King James played like my two year old cousin in the playoffs,

He scored merely 10 points to contribute to his team's 40,

Extra,Extra Read All About It!

Minnesota Twins Smoke The Sox - 5 to 10,

Are The Twins Really The Better Team?

Extra,Extra Read All About It!

Tiger Woods Took A Shower!

He Only Used Shampoo - No Conditioner *gasp*

Extra,Extra Read All About It!

Justin Bieber Really Is A Girl And Greyson Chance Should've Gotten The Spotlight!

Extra, Extra - Who Gives A Shi-takii Mushroom!

A 10 Year Old Boy Was Just Orphaned Because Of One Deadly Plane Crash,

Traffic Control Aides Are Being Charged With Misconduct In Chicago,

A 5 Year Old Was Murdered In A Drunk Driving Accident,

Someone Was Killed Because Their Dog Peed On Their Neighbors Lawn...

Our Soldiers, Where Are They?

20 Million People Are Dead On The Streets..

And We're Worried About LeBron James, The Sox and how Big Mike Did On Idol...

It's No Wonder This World Is Falling Apart,

And Our Economy Is For CRAP,

How Blind,

How Selfish,

How Ignorant Are We?

It's Time For A Change,


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This Is a Solo Spoken Word...

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