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July 8, 2011
Walking through the open field at dusk,

capturing nature through my eyes.
and discerning the ashen sky.

this feeling of being alive inside leads me here.

I have walked so far to overcome my only fear.

I feared I'd never move on with my life I'd be no different then the rest.

I'd wait until i had but no chances left

than my soul would leave my body for good

with nothing to show for. And nothing new would than be able to be understood.

I'd still be there standing in place watching it all run by.

Leaving me behind.

But life lifted me up and carried me and i know exactly why...

To be were i am now.

Today i am who i am so young and naive because this is were my road has so far lead.

And i know deep inside that i have much more to look forward too on my journey ahead

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