June 3, 2011
Conformity is a necessity,
Without it the masses would be disorganized
And the young corrupted;
Who needs passion when passion is weakness?
Everything is stamped and organized
Labeled and documented;

Orders are made to follow not to question;
Questions hint freedom
And being free minded is corrupt;
Passion is nothing but a dream
And dreams mean corruption;
Dreams hint at an immature mind
And those minds need discipline;

They all say passion should be replaced for logic
For logic is the key to success;
Passion is an abstract concept with no solution
And no formula to prove it correct;
But I say if passion was fire
This town would sleep in flames
And wake up as embers;
Because passion is everything
Everything that keeps us alive
And different from the formula based minds
Of everybody who hates us
And fears that our dreams will take control

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