Thank You God

June 3, 2011
By soldier18 SILVER, Auburn, Indiana
soldier18 SILVER, Auburn, Indiana
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Thank You God
Day in and day out I struggle

To do what’s right
My emotions become suppressed
Actions repulsive
Lies gradually build up
Not knowing what to make of

The situation
Denial follows me
Love surrounds me yet vanishes

Not recognizing the elite force

Binding me to past memories
Yet the force of what seems like the

Devil, reaches up to help
Tired of dealing with a broken heart
Terror envelopes what fears I have
Procrastination devours me
Slowly creeping upon my soul is a

Dark shadow
Stumbling into my death that merely

Awaits for my deadly sin

In order to feast
Remotely engaging in a promise with

The devil
Unable to keep my promise

Sentenced to an eternity

In hell
Flames enter my every thought
Earth has now frozen and remains

In a standstill
Love no longer of importance

Nor existence
Breaking everything off with the

Outside world seemingly

Feels like the most reasonable

Notion to appoint
Starring blankly into his cold dark eyes,

Begging for my soul
Yet he says no, for I have sinned and

Broke my promise to he himself

The devil of all profound creatures
Longing for the changing of seasons
The snow, the rain, the falling of leaves

And sunshine
Most of all I long for love
His strong arms that embraced me in

Good times and bad
Missing that look he gets when he’s

With me…
Wanting more time together

Than ever before
Wishing for a lifetime on Earth

And a chance to change

What wrong I have done
Hoping God will forgive me and

Save a place for a person

That has wrongfully sinned
Gratefully, praising and asking God

To open his gates for me

For I have truly changed
Recently learning from the mistake

I have initially engaged in
Nothing is truly greater than life and

The love I am able to share

With that one special man
He is here with me now that God

Has granted me my wish
Now, I portray only a life of goodness
Thank you God for I no longer sin
You are my hero God in so many

I consistently travel an unknown

My voyage that lies ahead is yet

Greater than my first voyage

Of failure
Paths are greater and a positive influence

On me and my new found family
Thank you God for the existence of my sins

Have vanished and are now delusions

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