June 3, 2011
It feels that years have gone by
Without you by my side
The dreams I once dreamt
No longer of false belief and mystical hopes
The truth reigns over each of us
With each glimpse or sound of one’s beating heart
To the very hand that gracefully embraces my every start
You’re presence greets me on various occasions
The love you portray towards me so real
The thought of us drifting apart terrifies
Yet with each passing day our love grows
Becoming a fond emotion
We each express
Looking further planning, trying to escape
The so called magical force of love
Only to be pulled under its rapid current
Starring deeply into the depths of your soul
Realizing the love I have for you will never go
The feelings I have for you are o so strong
Feeling as though nothing could go wrong
We have one another and that’s all that matters
Our time and love we have captured
Binding us together forever

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