Never Give Up

June 3, 2011
By Jon.W PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
Jon.W PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
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"What are men but ghost in empty shells if they do not follow their hearts and ambitions."

Life is full of trials and errors,

Of road bumps and things of life that you do not expect,

of pain and joy, of love and loss

of happiness and of sorrow,

There are also times in life where you thin,

That you have everrything under control,

And that nothing could go wrong,

Yet in the blink of an eye something comes along,
And flips your whole world around,

Rather for better or worse you do not know.

You might try and try and put all your effort in certain things,

Rather it be friends, family,

Relationships and personal goals,

Do not give up,

Put continue to push forward.

And though sometimes in life,

Your trials, your road bumps,

Your pitfalls may seem to all but completely cover,

your personal road of life,

And though at times they may seem like moutians,

Which you cannot pass,

Continue to stride forward,

And let nothing stop you or come in your way.

So in life no matter what stage you are at,

do not give up,

But always push forward,

and eventullay overcome your personal burden,

Or hardship,

For if it is worth fighting over, if it is worth losing sleep over,

Than let nothing stand in your way until you reach what you desire.

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