Evil has never looked so good

July 21, 2011
So now I’m the evil sought out to destroy.
This lust and greed and selfishness has taken control
Of me.
You see?
This is not what I used to be.
But I realized those empty promises would never be filled.
So why try?
Why try to fix these broken dreams
When you can become broken too?
Then you won’t know the difference between reality and make believe.
your fantasies will become your everything
And your goal will be to make them materialize in front of your eyes.
And when you finally see them and indulge in the ecstasy,
You will become your worst nightmare, you will become
Don’t say that you want to stop now.
It’s too late to change your mind.
I’ve lied,
I’ve cheated,
Threw away my morals.
And now you want to say it’s over?


don’t you know it’ll never be done?
You have turned me into another you.
Another shadow, a demon of the highest ranks.
So don’t you ever play me for a fool,
Because I have turned into another you.

And even has never looked so good.

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