I Miss you

July 21, 2011
By Missdeception SILVER, Winnipeg, Other
Missdeception SILVER, Winnipeg, Other
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I miss you. I miss you like Romeo missed Juliet. I miss you like Lilo missed Stich. Like Kermit missed Miss.Piggy. I spend alot of time thinking about you, and it troubles me so. It was not my fault, neither yours. In the end, I end up hurt, but do you? Do you sometimes feel the hurt I do? That I did? I think you do, because if you didn't then you wouldn't look at me the way you do, say the things you say to me, do the things you do to me. For whatever reason, you left me the first time, to clean up your mess, but you came back, why would you do that? Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but these are all valid points. I want to learn to love myself, but i don't know how. I think you took that away from me, for you see,i gave you my love, almost every last drop. I was happy to do that for you, you came to me...sad, and I wanted to make you happy, I thought I did. But now I question it. Was it worth it? For me to give you anything you wanted? I was at peace with myself and with you when you held me in your arms and kissed my cheek. But I did what I was afraid i would do, I fell for you.

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