Ode to Montana

July 21, 2011
By junglejuice SILVER, Hillsborough, California
junglejuice SILVER, Hillsborough, California
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With your great blue skies and rocky mountains
You are my home away from home
Where I spend my winter vacations and summer days
Making memories most memorable
Skiing on your slopes with my best of friends
Fishing in your rivers with my brother
Swimming in your ponds, splashing and laughing
Sitting by the campfire with boys
Throwing snowballs like its World War II
Spending time with the people I love most
If it weren’t for you old great Montana
I wouldn’t have
Climbed cliffs like a spider monkey
Had my first kiss
Played bumper cars with golf carts
Chatted with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel
Raced with an Olympic skier
Had the time of my life every year with the most magnificent people I know
Who also are crazier than the cast of Jacka**
But they sure have shown me a good time and a lot of love
The one thing I am thankful for most
Is how you have shown me how to live freely
And figure out who I am and who I want to be
In your arms I have grown to make better decisions
Sometimes things didn’t go how I wanted
But that was how it was and I had to leave and come home
That is how I learned to heal and accept the way of life
Oh how did you know, old great Montana, what was best for me?
Some times you rain sometimes you shine
Either way you are breathtaking
With warm breezes to flow through my hair
And soft sun to kiss my cheeks
At night I gaze up at your million stars
To thank you for another day
That I have spent running wild
Whether its winter
Where I have skied too fast laughing and smiling
Taking hot cocoa breaks when my toes get cold
Going in for lunch and getting the biggest table in the lodge
Watching movies down in the theater
Going out for dinner with all my buds
Or if it is summer
Then I have swam and jumped
Laughed and tanned
Played paintball in the rain
Flirted in the sun
Gone to the parties at the camp till the early morning
And thought of what adventure I shall go on next
You old great Montana
Are there when I’m in love
When I’m laughing up a storm
And even when I cry
Just like an old great grandpa
Thank you for giving me some life
My dearest
Home away from home

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