The Best

July 21, 2011
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Found it at last
The one who can make your day with one
Insignificant text message
Make you smile after you just wanted to
Curl up into a ball and cry
Someone you can share things with that
You never thought would leave your mind
And talk to till the early morning without
Wanting to ever hang up
Every song listened to reminds you of that one special someone
And every thought that crosses your mind always somehow links to him
All of a sudden
They are your... everything
The one thing your heart desires
The one thing that can make you cry
The one thing that can make you laugh
And the one thing you think you can love
You know you are young and
Things will get ugly
Times will be unbearable
Tears will be shed
And your heart will be broken
But in the end of it all he will always be mine
And will always be brought back to me by destiny
Forever imbedded in my soul
Just like I said,
This began as something for everyone to read
And relate to the one they love
But turned into something for me, and
Completely and truly about him
I think I’m in love
The kind that shouldn’t be
And is bound to hurt
Have ups and downs
This thing I’m feeling
Young Love
The Best

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