July 21, 2011
World War I and blood-lust wars.
Cuts and bruises and open sores.
The forbidden fruit and hate driven crazies
when they pass around love with heart colored daisies.
The color of red M&M’s and cinnamon,
and cranberry sauce with a little spritz of lemon.
A ladybug on a sun-enriched flower,
The savory taste of gut-wrenching power.
The love you give to those you care,
but when they don’t return it, it just isn’t fair.
The pain you feel when you get a paper cut
compared to the pain when your heart is shut.
Where virility and disease in 3rd world countries
makes you think what this world has come to be.
The hatred you feel when your enemy stares
or lighting a match to just watch its flare.
Jealousy and anger all wrapped up in one.
That’s when the limits are no longer fun.
That one heated moment, when everything
is right, when you just need him all through the night.
When regret and guilt can’t seem to get anymore,
When love hates you and hate loves gore.

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