Recycled Roses (For A Ghra Mo Chroi)

July 21, 2011
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You see,
If I could be in
your arms only for one more day,
I would give all the stars
back to their creator.
Although they look better
in your eyes,
the sky is meant to hold them
forever and a day.
I would return
the fire that burns
within your heart
to hell.
Because that is the
only place it could have
been originated.
Heat of that sort and kind
only belongs
I would send the passion
that yearns within your
touch, back
to Christ's heart
as he is the only one
deserving to hold
so much yearning.
I would return every kiss
and recycle every rose.
I would buy back every day
and trade it with my foes.
I would make every bet
and forfeit any game.
None of it would make
sense if it did not withhold your name.

I would give to God
The breath
which he gave
to me.
I would send him
it, so as to
return something
to me.
I could keep from breathing
as long as necessary.
I could relinquish my hold
on everything I hold sacred.
Except one thing.
If I give in to all
the desires of Him.
And let him have back
what he has loaned to me,
I would ask but for your heart,
for one more day.
A beat or two,
to drown out the sound
of my tears
that fall
as I kiss your
Love is but a memory
a cold hard fact.
To face it is the hardest
thing, you will never get it back.
But as long as you
hold my hand,
and squeeze it tight,
I understand.
Love is but a heartbeat
away from the day
that all shall be forgotten,
and the Roses shall play.

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