July 21, 2011
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There's a leak in the sky
and I can't sleep.
The sound of the water
spashing on my window
keeps insomnia on my side.
I keep getting close enough
to taste it
then something crosses my mind.
Like a game of football I played
in the 8th grade.
Or a fight I was in.
And before I know it
I'm tense.
So I stand up,
frown because it's tomorrow
and I'm still yesterday
and today is nowhere to be found.

The sound of shuffling feet
crosses in the hall
and frightens me to the bone.
Could it be a murderer?
Or a rapist?
Or a ghost?
Well, who's to know for sure...
But, I do know one thing
I'm not going to check.
So I lay down instead,
beginning the rinse/repeat
scenario again.
Hopefully for the last time.
Maybe this time I can finally
catch those illusive z's.

Why are they called z's to begin with,
when you zleep,
you do not znore.
Z is not a prominate letter in dreamz.
It seems to me,
Z is a made up character all together.
I mean what word would
change all that much
if we just changed all the z's to s's.
Suchini would still be disgusting.
The soo, would still have animals.
and the sebra would have the same number of stripes.
So Z, I deem you unnecessary.
I deem you useless.
And yet again.
Insomnia strikes.

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