Love Spell

July 16, 2011
By Soccer15 BRONZE, Jonesborough, Tennessee
Soccer15 BRONZE, Jonesborough, Tennessee
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Who knew I'd fall in love with a guy so soon.

I never thought I'd see this day.

I guess my heart has learned to forgive, my thoughts of 'him' are fading away.

You don't know how you make me feel.

Every word you say brings a smile to my heart, You're my everything and I love you so much I hope we never fall apart.

I wish right now I could be with you.

I wanna make you happy and I'll do whatever it takes to make us better than any Taylor Swift love story.

When I think of you I always go insane.

I don't care how many miles you are gonna go across, that isn't gonna stop me from wishing i could kiss and wrap my arms around you.

When I have negative thoughts come around, I remind myself of how you laugh when I do something silly.

Our love is a spell that no one can undo.

You're and I'm perfect for you.

You have an amazing personality and you should know it.

You're forever in my dreams.

I love you so much, but don't have a single clue how to show it.

Trying to get you out of my head is harder than it seems.

Do you feel the same way?

No guy has ever really loved me like you do.

I hope you don't think I'm "too" strange, it's just you make me so happy.

You've made my life so much better and because of you I never wish to die.

I hope you love me for if you do here's a little something for you...

Every time we have an argument I start to tear up and cry.

I love you more than you love me.

Even though you say no we do equally.

Our smiles are glued on our face when we see each other.

I love you like no other.

So please don't hate or even hurt me.

I don't think I could go through another guy doing it to me again.

Without you I'm so helpless and unhappy.

I just want you to know that I love you with all my heart and I want you to trust me like I tryst you.

Because if we do maybe...just maybe...our love will be a piece of art(:

The author's comments:
I just wrote my this yesterday. Tell me how you feel about it(:

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