July 17, 2011
There's a monster in my bathtub,
It lurks beneath the water,
Waiting and praying for the moment to strike.
There's a monster in my closet,
It's hiding among my clothes,
Staring and watching me come to and fro.
There's a monster under my bed,
It watches me sleep at night,
And sees me cry behind these hallow halls.
There's a monster on my couch,
It watches horror movies with me every Friday,
Keeps me there scared...
There's a monster sleeping in my bed,
Soundly and peacefully under my covers,
It looks like me.
There's a monster next door,
It says hi to me every day,
And it goes to church every Sunday morning.
There's a monster in my mirror,
It mimics my movements,
And copies my faces.
There's a monster inside of her,
It feeds on her hurt and anger,
And keeps her miserable.
There's a monster in the mirror,
It looks me square in the face,
And says,
It is me.
There's a monster in inside me,
It eats me from the outside in,
And keeps me in this rut.
There's a monster,
And it is me.

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