A Fool's Prodigy

July 16, 2011
Raining on the hearts of many
Redeeming the minds of few
Taking a toll on what should be normal
Making prodigies look like fools
Turning day into night
And night into day
Giving off a gripping silence
A silence that is forgotten either way
Considered a gift, but also a burden
Throwing in, knowing you could miss
Such a perplexing whirlwind
That can only be sealed with a kiss
We cherish it
We curse it
We question it
We endorse it
We do what we can
To embrace it
To destroy it
To spread it
But we are no match
We are few
We are weak
We are its slaves
For love is not a burden
Nor is it a requirement
Not a choice or a lifestyle
It is a gift
Perishable for anyone
Any man
Any woman
So speak your ignorance
Call it what you may
But know love is overpowering you
Every second of every day

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