lonely and alone

July 17, 2011
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sitting in this house all alone
don't have nothing but my phone
think bout calling the girl i like
she probably don't like me
so why wasn't my time
on some one who thinks slime on the bottom of the food chain
that's high school for you
you see her in the hall
but she don't see you because your so low on the chain
she don't take the time to get to know or understand you
then you have all the jocks
that pick on you around the clock
they won't leave you alone
at least not until your home
and then you go back to picking up that phone trying to figure out if you should call that girl or not and then after so long you just stop you lose hope in your self
and it drives kids to cut their wrist and when that pain isn't enough they take the permanent solution to temporary problems like bulling and low self-esteem

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