The City

July 16, 2011
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The city, full of life
And yet the cause of so much strife
The car exhaust
Pollutes the air
And it's not good for you
I swear
Come to the country
Where you can be free
Come back to nature
So that you can see
That the country is the place
That you need to be

I love the city
It's very exciting
This place, where a lot goes on
This place, that I like to call
My home
The cars, the trains
The hustle and the bustle
I wish you were there
To experience the joy
That comes with the city
All the skyscrapers, galore

Why live in the city
It's too busy for me
Up to millions of people
It's very dangerous, you see
The country, a still pond
Will always back me up
While the city, a roaring truck
Will never be enough

While quiet is something
You should never take for granted
Too much quiet will send me
Into a big panic
In the city, you'll always find
Something to do
Or someone kind

I guess we'll always be this way
Arguing about this or that
The city, my home
And the country, yours
Both have good things about them
But with every good thing
Comes a bad thing
And I'll never be able to say
That the city is perfect
And the country is bad
Because neither is true
But that doesn't make me sad

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