Never Gone

July 16, 2011
Why am I so miserable?
I don’t need you.
I don’t need your stupid love.
Those sweet kisses that filled my dreams
The arms that I felt around me before I slept
Whether you were there or not
And that sweet sweet voice
That only an Angel could produce
I don’t need it; I don’t need any of it
If one was to ask me what I desired the most?
I would answer with your sweet name
Because you know, I may not need you
But yet you plague my mind
That smile that still breaks through my depression
Those three small words that broke my resistance
You did it; you broke me
You made it so I could never escape
Never resist,
And then you left to watch me make myself a fool
And I wish I could say I could stop it
But I can’t.
I have tried, and “gotten over you”
Multiple times, but you are always there
Never gone.

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