The Queen of the Caspian Sea

July 16, 2011
She sings to me almost every night
Her eyes are green and her hair is white
She's a mermaid, as far as I can tell
She comes from the ocean to my water well
She told me she's the Queen of the Caspian Sea
Why then would she come and talk to me?
Either way, I don't want to sleep
and dream of secrets I cannot keep
So pretty mermaid, I beg you to sing
If you are the Queen, I want to be King
I can't stop smiling and that is my wealth.
She makes me believe in things beyond myself
Of bubbles and dancers and colorful things
Of cities and lights bright under the seas
Of octopi and crabs and tiny little shells
And how lonely she is-- how lonely she felt
How she wanted to find a purpose in life
Outside of her misery and her strife
I told her I would hold her hand
that I would do anything I possibly can
But what I failed to understand,
is that she is mermaid, and I am only man.

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