July 21, 2011
By , Hawthorne, CA
Every breath, has You in mind.
Every tear shed, is the longing to have You here.
Every sigh, is a sign that Your not near.
If only You knew how much I like You.

Its you thats the reason for my exsistance.
The reason my hearts still beating.
The beat of my heart repeating.
If only You knew how much I love You.

Our fights only bring us closer.
The amazing memories only we share.
Like the most passionate love affair.
If only You knew how in love I truely am.
Itd only help you understand, I would never aim to hurt You.
Making You happy is the only thing I strive for.

Im hoping in reading this, youll comprehend how I feel.
And realize my love for you is more then real.
And in reading this You know Your the love of my life,
One second without You. . .
I can never live through

So I have only one question left to ask You.
Will You be willing to spend forever by my side?

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