July 21, 2011
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I saw the stars fall from the sky tonight, such a scary sight

The moon never looked so big, so powerful, all alone up there

But on the breeze I heard the sobs, and the prayer

'God please bring back my friends, this isn't fair'

We all hold a fallen star in our pocket,in our wallet, in our hearts

Each one pulling us towards that dark sky, where we belong

Let me tell ya somethin' about those gone before us, it's where it starts

And through each day they guide us, keeping us strong

Lonely is such a common feeling, we don't see that we're all connected

Dot to dot, star to star, we're all on the same path to where we are

And the magic in our hands, in our heart, shows us we're alright now

We just have to find the faith in something we can't see, that's destiny

The moon looks awfully sad, sitting there all by itself, but it knows

That somewhere in this world, lies its friends, leading others to its side

So it lights the night, as a beacon to all the fireflies that wander home

Starlight, star bright, the moon knows without its sight, wishes - they come true

I felt alone tonight, trying to decide, where those who cared about me were

Tear-stained cheeks were short-lived, when I saw the moon above that ridge

And it said to me, yeah it said to me, they are here even when they're not

I see the moon, the moon sees me, and the moon sees somebody I want to see

Greed, is something unknown in the cosmic reality that we see each evening

Stars, falling to earth so that they may help those they've loved, a sacrifice of the moon

And we all learn, somewhere along the way, that things find a way to be okay

Yeah the moon, teaches us more than we can see, every dark night

And I hold strong in the latest hours, knowing that I have the power of the stars

The blessing of the moon, and the hope of the darkest night on my side

I'll wait patiently for the day when I get to be on my way, up there

Lighting the lives of the world, guiding the ones I've known, and loving the moon - like my own.

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