July 21, 2011
By devanshi BRONZE, Indore, Indiana
devanshi BRONZE, Indore, Indiana
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if i can dream it....i have the ability to achieve it!

The conversation between ego and heart..
One day,
my ego and my heart sat together,
to have a conversation.
They had a chat,
On what’s more mad,
Either the egoistic ego,
Or the heartening heart.
My ego started to speak when heart was getting weak.
It said:
“ never do fall in front of any tall,
Because no one is better than the one you are”
The heart was calm,
As it always is,
The heart was sweet,
As it always is.
It replied coolly;
“dear friend, I am you shadow,
When money and all seems shallow,
I am your mallow.”
The ego got angry,
As it was on fury,
He shouted at the highest of his voice,
To make heart remind,
Of his mind.
He shouted;
“oh you get out dude,
As it is always me that wins,
I have led to many decisions when the times are weak”
Ego was full of pride,
But the heart replied;
“I am really sorry for the one who trusted on you,
As he for sure ruined life due to you.
You are the creator of all fights,
In the divine world.”
Their conversation was on fire,
As it was going one on one,
Soon after,
The ego lost its identity once he was questioned by the heart;
“ok tell me when did someone leave the one he loved without crying,
When he heard you?”
The ego realised he was gonna lose the conversation so he left without the next talk.

This made me clear,
That love is only near,
When you are there with the heart.
The heart would be tough,
But never as rough,
As the egoistic ego,
Hear the heart in case of love..!

The author's comments:
this is the feeling in each youngsters mind!

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on Jul. 24 2011 at 12:50 pm
Stpaulian BRONZE, Kewadin, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
Bad Spellers of the world 'untie'.

It was a bit confusing, but i got that you should always listen to your heart and not your ego. :) I loved thanks for posting it!

on Jul. 24 2011 at 1:04 am
i didnt get the poem but u have grammatical errors , no need to thank me ,lol. ; p


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