But She Has

July 21, 2011
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Have I jumped high enough for you?
Have I reached the cloud where your lofty eyes stand?
Have I grabbed the star that will illuminate your darkness?
But she has.

Have I played this melody long enough for you?
Has my flawless performance captivated your heartless emotion?
Have I amazed you with the flawless skill you expect?
But she has.

Is the pie I baked for you good enough?
Did its sweet juices satisfy your bitter taste buds?
Have the blood, tears, and swear baked into every crumb melted into your ego?
But hers did.

Have my words stuck to your brain?
Did I push them in and you escort them out?
Have I said something that will satisfy your soul?
Spread your lips?
Tame your greed?
Pluck your heart strings?
Bu she has.

Now, I can only be me.
I can only draw a crooked line.
I can only rise to half a crescendo.
I can only write my heart’s whispers.
I can only be me.
And so can she.
But she has.

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