July 20, 2011
She wakes up and is lower than she was the day b4 but as she gets ready for school looks the in the mirror and takes a deep breath and wants to cry but has no time everyday it's the same thing get up go to school come home do homework then go to bed she does this day after day and no one notices that she is trying to keep herself afloat,alive and well enough to look like nothing is wrong but inside her world is crumbling she puts on a smile to hide her sadness she laughs to hide her pain she dances in the halls to keep herself from falling from being ashamed and she talks about things that no one will remember the next day to keep from sharing her deepest secrets if anyone knew what she feels on The inside the loneliness the neglect the hopelessness no one would want to listen or believe her bc the pain of seeing someone that normally has a smile happy face and a positive attitude wud kill them inside her line between joy and anger is almost the same?

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