I Hate

July 20, 2011
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I hate my brother,
So often giving me the cold shoulder.

I hate my mom,
Knowing she would only help when she had to.

I hate my dad,
Never once glancing at me when around.

I hate my friends,
Pushing me in the crowd without even noticing.

I hate my golden-retriever,
Chewing on my shoes without mercy.

I hate my cat,
Scratching me when I stray too close.

I hate to read,
How all the plots seem to be the same.

I hate to play video games,
When one level is just too hard to complete.

I hate sports,
How a simple injury keeps you out for the rest of the season.

I hate to climb trees,
How the branches scrape my knees and cause them to bleed.

I hate chocolate,
How there’s either too much or too little sugar.

I hate to sleep,
Always interrupting my life.

I hate to workout,
How my muscles are sore later on.

I hate to not workout,
Feeling too lazy to go on.

I hate to write,
Only doing it because I can’t draw.

I hate water,
How it prevents me from seeing the underwater world.

I hate babies,
How they’re so dependent on others.

I hate movies,
Ending too quickly to make sense.

I hate presents,
Always something worthless or unwanted.

I hate church,
How the clergy is too serious about everything.

I hate to laugh,
Knowing it’s usually fake.

I hate to dance,
Knowing I’ll throw up from spinning so much.

I hate to sing,
Sounding like a dying animal.

I hate to watch,
Witnessing people’s cruelty to one another.

I hate to listen,
To hear the things people say.

I hate many things,
How could I not?

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Jet_plane_number_5 said...
Jan. 26, 2012 at 12:40 pm
I absolutely love this poem! At first (before I read "I Love") I was shocked at how you could feel that way about so many things, but it really shows how there are two sides to everything. The two pair up very well, and I only wish they could have been together, because that would have made an even bigger impact when compared so closely. This is a fabulous poem and it should really be published in the magazine, with its twin poem, of course! :)
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