Here, You Win.

July 20, 2011
By Anonymous

That’s what you’ve given me.
That’s what I think you tell.
Help me loose,
And allow yourself to win.
Thats what this is.

You make me who I am,
You advise me what to do.
I trusted you,
With my all my heart.
You told me to let it out,
Show my bad side.
Yet to him,
You’re sweet,
And totally on a different side.
You are making me a fool,
It hurts,
So much.
I love you like any good friend,
You use me till the end.
You don’t even want to win,
Why are we still playing?
You tied my hands behind my back,
Made me speak out.
Then critized me and my words,
Together; you and him.
You say you don’t want to win,
You wish I was happy.
If that’s so,
Why do you keep pushing me down?
All I know,
Is that everytime you knock me down,
You step up on me,
And I help you get closer to the prize.

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