Lost Sorrow at a Cemetary

June 10, 2011
Open your eyes and what do you see?

A frozen wasteland,

painted a glassy sea-foam green.

Forgotten is the sorrow,

that the weeping left behind,

forgotten is the lonely souls of our kind.

Walk around, section 7d,

white headstones glare at me.

burried deep and long ago,

mist sweeps the gound,

calling to me.

What happens to the sorrow here,

the sorrow that I have found?

When every thing is said and done,

where does it go?

To rot 6 feet underground,

to infect the visitors that come,

to and fro?

Is it left behind,

eventually forgotten?

maybe never to be found,

had we not marked a path,

carved a day in stone icing.

close your eyes,

breath in deep,

listen to the sorrow,




from the forgotten souls,

Aching to be remebered.

that so long ago,

where burried deep alive,

up here in time,

open your eyes and what do you see?

Come run away with me,

to the circle of sorrow in the frozen wasteland,

painted sea-foam green,

where all is forgotten,

but you and me.

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