But what more of me is there to give?

June 3, 2011
By sleepingbaby301 BRONZE, Washougal, Washington
sleepingbaby301 BRONZE, Washougal, Washington
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even in the dark you always see the one you love.

Clouds danced through the sky last night.
I want to give you everything I would give you my all.
But what more of me is there to give?
Hearing children scream bringing me to tears which pierced my ears and made them bleed.
I couldn’t hide to save my life.
Standing drenched with open wounds.
But what more of me is there to give?
You took my hand and pulled me through.
You gave me your lips such gentle kiss. You took away my pain.
Listen to all of the glass shatter angels chorus sing so beautiful.
Your medicine took care of my pain.
But what more of me is there to give?
You draw your bow and release.
In an instant I feel the pain where the arrow had struck me.
Cries in the distance.
Not noticing I am crying myself my tears fall drenching my face as if a fountain has erupted.
Close enough to end this war I am done fighting for nothing but air.
You give me zero air no recognition.
So what more of me is there to give?
What else can I say?
I am breathless, shameful, and broken.
I am air.

The author's comments:
i wrote this piece because when i was with the guy i cared a lot about i didn't know what i could give him because i felt i had given him my all.

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