June 3, 2011
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Dreams are my escape.
Dreams are my reprieve.
The only reason I’m sane,
Is ‘cause of dreams I weave.

Though my life is tragic,
And often I break down.
My dreams, they keep on coming,
Always removing my frown.

I dream of a perfect girl:
A girl who understands.
She loves me like I love her:
Infinitely - without end.

I dream that I am flawless,
Someone who is loved.
That I am always included,
Instead of being shoved.

But the dreams, they don’t last long,
And I always have to wake.
I must face the reality,
That’s staring at my face.

I fight and push and shove and cry,
To try to avoid my fears.
But the world emerges through blurry eyes,
The reality bringing tears.

She doesn’t exist, she’s just a dream.
I’m ugly, awkward, unloved.
You understand? My life is hell,
So please don’t wake me up.

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