July 20, 2011
I close my eyes,

Looking to the sun, a candle is lighted,

Jaune flickers on the precipice of my lids,

The longer I stare,

The faster it burns, turns, spurns,




Flames engulf my world,

Yellow to orange to red then the brightest of scarlet,

Around me there’s nothing,

Nothing but the inferno,

Ravaging each thought,

Burning scars into melting flesh,

Setting me on fire,

No hope,

No hope for escape,

Bleeding eyes seek freedom,

But there’s no fleeing the firestorm,

Unable to breathe in any more smoke,

For ashes have sweltered in my soul,

I open my eyes,

To find the world safe,


No matches in sight,

Yet danger still lurks in the corner of her light.

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