July 20, 2011
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When the stars come out at night,
Shining their bright light,
The moon reveals her face,
Setting the night world aglow.

But shadows are also cast,
Resurrecting childhood monsters.
They move in between realms,
Never fully here nor there.

Unseen eyes watch and track
Those who will soon go missing.
Waiting silently and patiently
Hidden in the shadows.

Reveal your fears to them,
And you sell away your soul.
They’ll hunt you in your nightmares,
And chase you in your dreams.

An unexplainable chill deep inside your bones
Is a signal of their arrival.
Sudden stillness is an omen
Of darkness come to life.

Their beauty is so great,
So chilling, so cold.
Hollow eyes and heats of coal,
No mercy shall be shown.

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