A Disease With Little Hope of A Cure

July 20, 2011
It slithers in your lungs as you dream
Enters your soles of your feet as you enter the room
Weakens the mind
Changes the direction of your future
Not just a feeling but also a disease
The heart of a shadow
The pit of lost souls
It spreads like the common cold
Enters every part of your body
Fading your life
Fading your enthusiasm to live
It changes friends
It changes family
Ruins all good
Pursues all evil.
Once infected
You die a lost cause.
But to return to the light,
One needs guidance
A hand to grab while being pulled out into sunshine
Depression the meaning of darkness
Withers and dies in the brightness
It crawls from your body
Leaving you with the chance
The chance to start again
In the realm of happiness

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