July 20, 2011
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Feeling the open blisters on my feet as I walk
Knowing that on my shoulder are large purple bruises
Muscles hyper extended and grinding like old chalk
Why is it that the me I am always,always has to lose
Sweat covered every vertebrae of my body every night
I felt the carpet burn my knees one too many times
I just can't stand the thought or my own sight
This time,the Devil absolutely crossed the line
Dance teacher,you will never be able to comprehend
All the pain that I endured and how bad I wanted this
But,no you chose all of your favorites instead
You shot me with your gun and didn't miss
And those girls continue to step all over me
Getting anything and everything that they want
How can they say such things when they don't even know me
These murderous memories just continue to haunt
All I wanted was for all the hurt to be worth something
To no longer be caged and put in a room darker than night
I'm the peasant while they are all queens and kings
All I wanted was a chance in the spotlight

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