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July 20, 2011
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Oceans of cacti-plagued mountains flood the land
Bald eagles fill your ears with melodous cries
Hidden treasure like gold and a 1913 steel can
This forbidden place bears the pain that doesn't die
Coyotes plead to the moon for some comfort
Rabbits hide hoping the howls can't reach their ears
The history of the indigenous need some consort
Like the continuation of the fallings here
Some just can't take the heat,some have no choice
When there's no water within a hundred miles
Soon ,the people go mad hearing spirits' shrieks & voices
Though they know,the dead is speaking with no denial
Wyatt Earp shot the fence post and the sheriff
Horses run wild with feathers in their mane
The bandaid can't seal dirt,might as well tear it
Before you too begin to go completely insane
I was born upon this land of forbidden desert
The dry new life and swear of salt together
Tell me that this beautiful Arizona is my home

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