Black Waters

July 20, 2011
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My dream world would love to own this place
Lying underneath a navy-lined crystaline moon
Knowing that sime entities care not for my face
But,most don't know I can make dance swoon
I am a woman with companions of angels & mermaids
And my sisters are the ocean and crying rain
However,insanely intense heartache is the price paid
For the love in our spirits can bring on great pain
Oh,foolish boy don't you know you mean nothing to me
And strange enough,you have no clue of who I am
With your eyes sewed shut,there's nothing that you see
But,what more can I expect from a typical young man
If I slid down your body,you'd take those words back
If I grabbed your torso to hold against mine
Only then would you take back your mouth attacks
Only then would you see all I am as divine
But,I will never be your apple,never be your maid
Your ignorant ways and horniness is what slaughters
The chances at finding your satisfaction made
You can't handle the girls that tread black waters

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