Angels Crying

July 20, 2011
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I walk the path that is dangerous and thorny
Not many people are brave enough to join me
I try to break my prison bars,don't listen to the warnings
People are like I,ignorant and they just can't understand or see
My heart is sewed with many different materials;patches
Laced with pain and yearning to be accomplished
But,I suppose I don't try to light my own matches
How can I expect to hit without having to miss
I am not pure,I am not a perfect little girly girl
I can have a sailor's mouth and a hurting soul
Cosider that next time you try to enter my world
Everything I say can't be undercover,it has to take its toll
No matter what,I can always find myself reaching my hands up
Begging the heavens above absolute perfect chance
I want to accomplish more,no,no this is not enough
But no,not a smell,thought or even a second glance
I want to be believed in by those I need to
But,how can I when I can't stand slowly dying
This world wasn't mean for my attitude
Everytime I hurt,I sincerely hope I hear the angels crying

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