July 11, 2011
By Anonymous

dont you just hate when life seems so short
and each year that passes you is a warning
that maybe you're not living your life the way you should be

and when in one moment in time when everyone is in pure blissful laughter,
you're about to cry for it to stay that way, to get on your knees and beg god forever

and when you feel so alone, paranoid about every single relationship you're in
that you try to make yourself feel safer by closing the doors and not laughing at people's jokes

because if you laugh, you're human, a vulnerable creature that can be messed with
but there are too many people whom you believe would be happy to play with that fact

so after just talking to people. agreeing with them drunkenly
you yell at yourself for letting yourself go, why can't you just control yourself

but you've always been that way, spirited and dramatic
and for reasons opposite your past, that never even existed, things you made up in your head

and you blame it on society, and the people who stare
dilusional that they might know you top down

so you're angry, annoyed, violent
because you want to see your reasons just take effect

but 'till then you'll wait
telling youreself you're special and worth it all
for every moment you're about to give up
beacause God has a destiny for you

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