"My 2nd Home"

July 15, 2011
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At 4 o’clock every evening,
I arrive at this joyful place: “Wards.”
Better known as my second home.

The tennis court is my own private universe.
When I’m there,
My mind is concentrating on one thing—

When I’m playing,
My shots are shooting stars,
Soaring gracefully across the net.
My opponent trembles with fear
When my miniature suns
Blast through the air.

My racquet is Me…
Yet powerful,
And controlled.

The last point approaches—
Silence fills the atmosphere
Her shot comes at me
Like a comet with fire,
I return
With an asteroid from the Underworld.

I roar like a rocket ship
Leaving the Earth,
Mighty and proud.
I know my victory is won.

At 6 o’clock every evening,
I say good-bye to my second home.
For I will return tomorrow,
With another opportunity for victory!

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