I, The Queen

July 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Dedication to my sister, Tiarra

I sit, I stand, I bow, I smile,
I pause for a pose, and proceed down the aisle.

Like always, I'm holding my head up high
Like never, will I swallow my pride

I will shed tears of joy, if my servants will stand up and clap.

Some might throw roses, others might even scream my name.
Some might take photos of me, but I won't feel like The Queen that I am,

Until my servants stand up and clap.

Like thunder, I roll,
I strike as if lightning!
Never has my story been told,
And yes, I intimidate every eye that looks up to me.

Never have I enjoyed a game,
That's only for a child to play.
My attitude will always be the same,
I'm used to it all my way.

When I'm done saying the words of my choice,
Everyone bows at the sound of my voice.
And when I'm walking by,YES, everyone rejoices!

And spontaneously, my servants will stand up and clap.

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