for we only see things upon the surface

July 15, 2011
By Anonymous

She was running in circles of thought.

Chasing something that wasn’t even real.

Where was she going?

And the irony of it all,

she didn’t know where she was going

But the thought of turning back,

was worse than the thought of running into emptiness.

She left behind her friends,

and her passions.

and tucked away all that was left of her innocence.

No one saw it but there was this empty loneliness that lurked inside her lungs

and echoed to her heart.

Many people found they could only concentrate on her warn-out appearance in which they missed the sadness of her eyes.

Her eyes once had a shine to them.

they were once alive.

Now they appeared dead and old, the look of a sick person withering away.

The people surrounding her only focused on the things they could physically see.

They didn’t see her treading water in a tsunami.

They didn’t notice her soul being buried.

They didn’t see the circles she ran in, deep inside her head.

They saw dark heavy bags in which hung below her eyes,

and bony toothpick arms that were soon to break.

And one day her parents looked over her grave and whispered

“I wish we would’ve saw”

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