we were once young

July 15, 2011
By Brianna11396 SILVER, Ny, New York
Brianna11396 SILVER, Ny, New York
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J+L was written in the bark of an oak
That was thirty years ago, when we were fifteen
You were a dark haired beauty with large blue eyes
And I fell head over heels for them

Jason loves Luna was written in Layton’s diner table six
That was twenty seven years ago, when we were eighteen
I was a brown eyed book head with very big ideas
You listened patiently and planned silent

J+L 4 ever was carved in the our new apartment
That was twenty four years ago, we were twenty one
I was being very picky on the paint, color blue or brown
You carried boxes and bags like a gentleman should

Luna said yes is written on a church pew in Staten Island
That was twenty years ago when we were twenty six
You were blushing as I walked down the aisle
I am crying because I am so unbelievably happy

It’s a boy was bold on balloons everywhere
That was eighteen years ago when we were twenty eight
I was happy when I saw you glow so bright
You were so eager to take us home and show him off

I love you’s were posted in candy hearts
That was twelve years ago when we were thirty five
I gave you a picture of us in our favorite park
You gave me chocolate and roses and millions of kisses

He’s gone was branded in my head in the late evening
That was eight years ago when we were forty
I cried for days as they prepared your body
Our for children tried hard to calm me down

Goodbye was said at your grave site
That was four years ago when we would be forty four
I sighed with great relief and broke down crying
And a light breeze played your sent in my hair

Luna loves Jason was written on an oak above you
That was yesterday and we are forty eight

The author's comments:
this is somthing i wrote after thinking about what my life would be after everything

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