Loves Bond

July 15, 2011
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I wake up every morning regreting the things I said to her before.Thanking God for her love, praying for his help to stay strong.

one day ill break that day is still come but as long as she is by my side that day gets farther.

I look at the stars and try to trace our hearts so she can see them when she is so far.

Wishing we werent so apart. Its like our hearts are in different worlds mine is on mars and hers on planet earth waiting for me to invade her planet. I take a jump praying I land it.

Ill send her a postcard wit a my heart in a jar,So she knows im coming and im not that far,

Ill tell her to look up in the dark and wait for that spark.When it comes are love will have a kick start.

Ill show her what her love is worth and never let her get hurt.Ill take her to the moon that way things get slower and i love keeps flowing.So we can keep showing what is within.

Are love makes a bond that forms a path way to paradice.

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