It's Going To Be Okay

July 14, 2011
By emiilyy52 GOLD, Western Springs, Illinois
emiilyy52 GOLD, Western Springs, Illinois
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no matter what language you say it in,
the uncertainty of the phrase gives a sliver of hope
to those who think differently.
You hear it in hospitals, funerals, all the dark corners of life
People desperately trying to make others feel better,
You attach the words with a hug, a kiss on the forehead, a pat on the shoulder.
You say it out of habit for when things go wrong,
When things go not as planned.
When your fiancée leaves you at the alter,
Someone’s around to whisper these words.
They’ve been tossed around so many times,
Coming close to being meaningless.
But in that state of despair, they mean everything.
Those words help you believe that maybe your friend, your parent, your coworker, a strager is right,
It is going to be okay.
That one phrase gives you the ability to move on from what is lost,
Because at some point you start to believe,
“it is going to be okay.”

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